Welcome the New Year with Nature Meditations and Connections

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Although the energy year changes January 23, 2012, the calendar year changes today.

Set the tone for the new energy arriving with a renewed commitment to connecting with nature and growth.

Sometimes people get caught in a loop where they feel unworthy to partake of all the abundance nature gives us. Yet, when we focus on nature, we cannot help but drink in the healing properties of the warm sun (vitamin D source and stimulant for production of serotonin, the “feel good” neurotransmitter), the detoxifying effects of herbs as foods (deep root vegetables for nourishing the kidneys in winter, seafood, and green leafy vegetables for detox of the liver), and the healing sounds of nature echoed in the wind.

This simple way of appreciating and welcoming the gifts of nature liberates us from ego, a part of self that often will find logical justifications for not allowing us to embrace healing and growth.

I encourage each person reading this blog today to create a ritual of connecting with nature that you use daily–and through this connection you will eventually feel a greater connection with the divinity of God.

My ritual today was walking across our beautiful park-like front yard and watching the fall leaves dance in the sunshine as the wind gently moved my bamboo chimes. I drank in the fresh air and felt a deep sense of gratitude for all the blessings in my life.

You can also engage the free qi gong tree meditation on this site in downloadable format to play on your MP3 or ipod devices while visiting a park. ?To subscribe to our library of audio meditations, click here.

Have a wonderful New Year and don’t forget that we resume the ongoing qi gong movement and meditation class next Saturday at 3 pm at our Westlake office:

3355 Bee Caves Road, Bldg. 7, Suite 704 in the Westlake Wellbeing Center.


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One Response to “Welcome the New Year with Nature Meditations and Connections”

  1. Hi Kay,
    Yes, nature is very healing. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees F. on our patio. We donned bathing suits and sunbathed for 30 minutes. We could feel the sunlight warming our bones. After the sunbath, I had energy for the rest of the day. Nature is wonderful. I hope to make time to be outdoors everyday.

    Posted by barb kaye on January 1st, 2012 8:32 pm