Deep Healing to Restore Your Essential Power & Potential

August 5, 2020 5:39 pm

Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide for Reclaiming Your Essential Power

Ask any well-known business coach or success guru and they will tell you that the “e” factor or energy factor, is one of the most important factors that influence abundance across physical, emotional and spiritual levels along with financial stability and success.

Yet, most of us walk around with our energy tanks depleted or near empty and without a clue as to how to refuel and keep our energy tanks full on a consistent level. It’s like driving a car without a fuel gauge such that we have no idea of how far we can go on our tanks of gas—and we struggle to know which roads will cause us to use up our gas rapidly or which roads will help us to conserve fuel. It is as if we leave the management of our energy tanks to chance, hoping that we will have enough fuel to get to our destinations and fulfill our deepest desires and goals.

No more leaving it to chance.

Imagine a course that provides you with a system of tools that you can implement in as little as five-to-ten- minutes as you move through your days to refuel your energy tanks while healing grief, fears, anxieties and anger.

Imagine a system of tools that can help you keep your energy tanks consistently full so that your physical health, mental balance and spiritual connectivity are working together optimally to help you navigate our rapidly changing world.

Kay Hutchinson, CEO of Aiki Healing Clinic and School with over 17 years as an energy life coach and healer takes you on an experiential healing journey that requires you to act rather than just read, and in a way that will empower you to build resiliency, authenticity and expand your “e” factor. Now, more than ever, you absolutely need to know how to optimize the “e” factor to build that abundant life that you have always imagined is possible and that is truly achievable when you know how to manage your energy tanks.

Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

Kay is the founder of Aiki Healing, a practice of medical qi gong dedicated to increasing the energy and well being of clients across the body, mind and spiritual levels. Email or call her today for a personalized consultation or bliss bodywork session. 512-468-6588