Balance Your Space in 2020

February 1, 2020 8:57 am

On January 25th, 2020, the year of the Rat came in with strong energy.

This metal rat represents the earthly branch “zi” and the midnight hours (11pm–1am). This rat quality of energy is also yang and can create a lot of movement in the life and can be described as “a ship in the ocean agains the strong wind” (quote by Thus, this is the year we must be aware of the subtle energies that may exist in our homes that may drain yin energy by creating stress.

Most of you who are practicing qi gong have integrated some feng shui principles based on the five elements in your homes. This is a perfect year to refine by integrating an awareness of the flying stars which are like the stars in the sky in that they gently shift to new positions.

Traditionally, the flying stars change position on Feb. 4. Thus, you can start preparing for this shift by reading this article. I invite you to be relaxed. Do not feel as if you have to follow the suggestions in this article like a prescription.

The point of feng shui is to create a sense of peace and relaxation in your home or workspace. Try adjusting one or two areas as a start and see how you feel in the home. Or try adjusting the main room you sleep or work in and see what unfolds. Go slowly and take your time. Be relaxed.

Let’s examine the five element regions of your space and the flying stars in the order of the creative cycle starting with metal. 

The first region is the west direction associated with metal and creativity. This year the 9 star moves to this region. It is associated with an increase of fortune and the element of fire.  Thus, you might engage in both metal and fire qi gong movements while facing due west. 

Use your intention to create the image of soft fire tempering and refining metal as you perform the movements, much like the fire forges a sword blade or katana. Connect with a soft fire energy versus a raging fire so that you do not melt the metal of this region of your space.  You may also wish  to have some objects that represent both metal energy (metallic objects) and also fire energy (small candles or touches of red or purple).

The next area is northwest which is another metal area of the home associated with protective helpers (think of your angel helpers or people who are like angels in your life). The flying star 8 represents earth element and moves to this corner in 2020. Thus, the 8 star will naturally boost the metal aspects of this area of your space.  The 8 star is associated with auspiciousness and can be boosted by a small golden metallic elephant and also by performing metal and earth qi gong movements from Five Treasures, Taoist Five, Wu Dang 8 forms while facing the northwest direction.

The next area is the north or water element region of the space and is associated with career.  This year the number 3 star is moving to the north and is associated with wood. Thus, the wood of the 3 star will tend to be stronger because of it being boosted by the water of the north.

However, the 3 star is associated with arguments or conflict, so we want to use our subduing theories to minimize this possible effect of the 3 star. Since the 3 star is in the career area of the space this year, those conflicts could occur in business. Thus, we could use a few decorative items with fire or red colors to help reduce the strong wood of the 3 star, the statue of Pi Xiu (the lion dragon) or an elephant statue made of clay.

Qi gong movements for this area might include soft “Open Your Heart” Five Treasures movements or Taoist Five Heart movement to help subdue the strong wood of the 3 star.  Be sure to bolster the water element also by performing some “Ocean Qi Breathing” or other kidney movements after performing fire movements so that you do not deplete yin.

The next areas are the wood areas of the home, often associated with our financial health and abundance and our physical health.

The southeast wood area of the space is associated with abundance (materially and otherwise) and has the flying star 6 traveling to this region this year. The 6 star  is associated with windfall or luck and metal.  You can support this area with earth qi gong movements since that will not only support wood but also metal. Small elephant metal statues are also helpful.

The east wood area of the space is associated with health and has the flying star 5 that can activate misfortune (adverse health in particular) and is associated with earth energy. Thus, we want to subdue the earth by boosting the wood with more plants in this area to diminish the earth.  We can also perform more water qi gong in this area of the home which will support the wood and also drain some of the excess earth of the 5 star.

The southern area of the space is fire and has the flying star 2 this year which can be associated with illness and represents the water element. Thus, we see water and fire with a tendency to fight one another and create disharmony within the body, mind and spirit, creating disease.

How can we balance this? If we use subtle wood elements in our decor (small plants or objects such as green stones) this will support the natural fire of the south and help to reduce the water of the 2 star.  We can also perform wood element qi gong movements in this part of the home to balance this area to support the fire.  The metal stupa feng shui cure can also be hung in this area this year.

The three earth regions of the space also have interesting flows this year. 

The center of a space represents earth. This year the flying star 7 moves to the center of the space and is associated with the idea of “robbery” meaning that things can tend to leave you or be taken away–this includes material resources, peace of mind and settledness.  

How to counter this? Keep the center of the space uncluttered. You might also have a card that represents a blue dragon (which is a guardian) or you can perform jing level bagua movements close to the center of the space. The blue Kuan Yin is also very protective, so you might hold her image in mind when performing the bagua movements. Performing wei qi level (protective) movements with metal focus (e.g. Five Treasures Gathering Starlight, Man and the Pearl) in the center of rooms will also help.

The southwest corner of a space represents earth element. This year, the flying star 4 travels to this corner and is associated with wood. This star is known as the peach blossom star associated with love and also studious accomplishments.  If we amplify the earth colors and clay  or stone objects or have items such as rose quartz feng shui couple ducks in this area, it will help support love blooming in new ways.  You might also wish to study in this area of the space or work on academic test preparation.  You can perform heart based qi gong movements to boost the energy here.

The northeast corner is also earth–more associated with the Yi and spiritual wisdom while the southwest earth is more about love relationships. This year the flying star 1 is in this corner and is represented by water. It is a star that is associated with love and fame and good fortune.  The turtle dragon statue in this area of the space supports the 1 star.

As well, the idea of harmonizing the earth and water which are usually subduing each other is important.   Recall that fire supports the earth but subdues the water.  Recall that metal supports the water but subdues or pulls form the earth.

How can we create support for both of these elements since they are in opposition of each other?  We can have in this region of the space items that harmonize both elements and represent both such as small clay dish with water in it–where we are using earth to contain the water. We can use art with both supportive colors (reds for fire and blue/blacks for water). We can also do qi gong movements focusing on both earth and water or both metal and fire.

By mindfully balancing your space in a relaxed way, you can get the most out of the year of Rat–finding new energy to express and connect with abundance, while side stepping potential energetic pitfalls. 

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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