Get Sleep to Aid Weight Loss

October 8, 2014 6:23 pm


Sleep and the balance of melatonin in the body is essential for effective weight loss.But, I wouldn’t recommend running out and buying melatonin supplements unless you are working with an endocrinologist for it is a hormone. Researchers have found that balanced levels of melatonin and proper sleep help your body burn certain stores of fat.

You can find natural ways to nourish the melatonin levels in your body and promote sleep by making the room dark and quiet–have soft music or meditations playing when you go to bed versus the bright light of a television or computer.

We often do not realize how much light we have in our homes–outside lighting on building filters inward, LED lights on electronic devices and night lights all keep the brain neurologically engaged such that sleep can become disrupted. Try to make the room in which you sleep dark with darkening blinds or curtains and turn off electronic devices or cover the LED lights with electrical black tape at night.

Try not to exercise too close to bed time. Keep exercise and other stimulating activities to no sooner than three hours before bedtime.

Try small amounts of these foods as snacks to help balance melatonin and improve sleep.

  • Handful of walnuts or almonds per day increases melatonin. Nuts are high in fat so eat in moderation.
  • Lettuce contains a constituent called lactucarium which creates a relaxed state to promote sleep. So, a salad for dinner or three hours before bedtime (without the heavy oil-based dressings) is a great idea.
  • 4 ounces of tart cherry juice or tart cherry fruit. These fruits are naturally high in carbohydrates so keep this snack to perhaps once or twice a week.
  • Brown rice also promotes healthy melatonin levels.

Sweet dreams and happy weight loss.

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