Immediate Stress Relief Helps You to Refuel Your Energy Tanks

One of the many tools that we use in Five Elements Healing is the art of medical qi gong, a quantum level way of balancing the body that is over 2,000 years old.

Whether through our spoken meditations, Qi Gong Refuel class or our customized qi gong routines that are taught in privates-only as part of our energetic life coaching programs, these tools will deeply relax you.

In response to economic challenges in a Covid 19 world, we make these tools available on an honors and donations-based system to provide a way for all people, no matter their economic circumstance, to partake of deep energy healing and refill their energy tanks.

Relieve Stress Immediately with this replay of the powerful Million Person Meditation video.

Also, the Aiki Healing Facebook Qi Gong Refuel Class broadcasting every Friday at 6 pm CST is a community service offering designed to help all people improve how they are moving through and coping with a Covid 19 world.

Our Refuel class will immediately relax you with integrative stretching, meditation, cardio break and breath work based on the medical qi gong system and the latest research in neuroscience.

Give yourself a break from the turmoil and stress and come into the blissful haven of our 30 minutes recharge class.

Our class is a donations-based class but please partake of the class even if you don’t have a budget for donations; trust that other people will be paying the donations forward so that the class remains accessible to all. Donations go to fund our community education series of offerings to support the health and wellness of community members at a deep level.

Visit the Aiki Healing facebook (FiveElementsEnergyHealing) to partake of the class. We carefully choose content on our FB that is uplifting so that you can use a visit to our page as a space to get away from the noise in the world.

Not on Facebook or taking a break from social media? Access some of our replays below on our Youtube free channel.

YouTube Channel

During the stay at home orders, we filmed our Stretch and Move Qi Gong livestream with an emphasis on building immunity, decreasing sadness, and reconnecting with joy. This class below was specifically designed to release the anger, frustration, sadness and fears evoked by the great racial unrest. Visit our YouTube channel for more replays and short energy resets that you can use immediately to start feeling better.

This class below as designed to release rage, anger, fear and sorrow related to racial injustices.

Release Specific Emotions through Movement, Breathing and Meditation

Fearful and Tired?

Click here to access this soothing class that is designed to give you more energy and combat fears.

Don’t have one hour? Try this 18 minutes invigorating flow–quick easy yet comprehensive in balancing the different layers of internal energy. You can even break this up into 5 minutes increments.

Revive Feminine Energies Class:  These practices will nourish the divine feminine at a deep level with integrating of essential oils (geranium, rose, sweet basil).

Audio Meditations

Use these audio meditations to immediately relax and start shifting out your stress.

These unique recordings are calibrated to a frequency level design to release fears, calm anxiety, increase your ability to connect with gratitude, calm anger and restore your vital energy.

Angry and Frustrated?

Liver Detox 1  Thee gentle quiescent movements require no prior experience.  Great if you have chronic fatigue, migraines or high blood pressure and need to re-set your nervous system.

Liver Detox 2  A more vigorous practice of standing and a combination of seated practices. This one will deeply release anger and frustration through more explosive movements and breathwork.

Invigorating Liver Detox Flow: Who says qi gong is always slow and meditative? These practices will get you blood flowing! Another great one for releasing anger, frustration and the kind of nervous energy that makes it hard for you to sleep at night.

Wood Abundant Building Practices:  These gentle practices will get your joy and abundance flowing. Great for breaking out of blocks to using your creativity to solve problems and build abundance.