8 Weeks Five Elements Healing: Revive Your Essential Energy 


8. Weeks Medical Qi Gong Healing Program
Unblock your energy tanks, heal grief, anger, anxiety and fears and optimize your body, mind and spiritual aspects of self.

Now, more than ever, you need an experienced holistic practitioner that can help you to reclaim your true energy levels that are your natural inheritance but that may have been stifled or blocked by stress, trauma, world chaos, and other challenges

Imagine a customized one-on-one mentoring and healing experience with our customized Five Elements Healing protocols that takes you on a journey to deeply unblock your energy tanks and reconnect your body, mind and spirit with tools such as:

  • Energy healing sessions that can be engaged in person or virtually with distance methods.
  • Energy nutritional healing customized to your elemental issues and unique body type.
  • 2 months supply of herbs and supplements
  • Analysis of any relevant blood work or other test results from a holistic energy perspective.
  • Self help energy tools such as customized video and audio experiences to work with in between weekly sessions that take less than 5 to 10 minutes to engage so you can integrate these transformative tools into your daily walk.
  • Access to Kay in between sessions to provide deep guidance on implementing tools as you move through the day so that you have success.

Clients of our energy life balancing program are people who want to do deep work and are committed to a series of appointments customized in frequency to their needs to obtain the optimum results.

They are clients who  are looking to refine the connection between body, mind and spirit deeply by embracing the comprehensive strands of Chinese medicine–herbal therapies, deep DNA level qi gong practices and meditations, dietary transformation, and repatterining of habits and patterns holding them back from optimal health and success.

They are people who have already done deep internal work and are looking to go to that next level of transformation. Many of our clients are healers or people in service positions, corporate leaders and also everyday people reaching for that next level of life and health.

How does it work? These sessions can be offered in person or virtually. We will work together in that first session to identify the energetic and health issues that may need transformation in terms of helping you to have optimal health across a body, mind and spiritual level.

Next, Aiki Healing will design a custom energy curricula and system just for you that integrates qi gong movement training to repattern your core energies, crystal & energy healing from the Chinese medicine system, and life strategy “energy homework” practices that allow you to self heal and grow at a deep level, and Chinese nutrition and supplements (if needed).

Clients will receive an electronic written strategy plan with links to a myriad of customized video and audio tools so they can access tools at a click or tap of a finger through their mobile devices or home computers.

Some areas that clients have focused on

  1. Understanding energetic gene keys and how to transform deep DNA level patterning that may be manifesting as cancer, emotional blocks or other health issues.
  2. Healing generational grief and trauma that may be creating blocks to fulfilling your optimal health, emotional and financial stability and spiritual growth.
  3. Resolving prenatal energy patterns that are creating subconscious messages that are limiting opportunities in your life.
  4. Ascending core level energies to new spiritual dimensions and building a life that reflects that higher vibration by improving the vibration of the physical and emotional energy bodies.
  5. Extricating yourself from energy vampiric relationships so you can increase your abundance across all levels–body, mind and spirit.

Free yourself from the deep energy blocks that are preventing you from being your optimal self and experiencing vibrant physical health, stable mental energies and vibrant spiritual connectivity.

It is truly one of the most customized and personal health and life coaching journeys that you’ll ever embark upon. With over 17 years of experience in the energy medicine field using the five elements healing methods, Kay Hutchinson has helped her clients transform from blocked states to living more vibrant, healthy and purpose-driven lives.

Call, text or email today to schedule a free 15 minutes Zoom consult so we can determine if we are the best fit for working with one another through this exclusive energy life balancing program.

Program fees: $375 per week

512-468-6588 or aikihealing@gmail.com