Qi Gong: Tree Meditation

March 15, 2008 4:10 am

This tree meditation can help calm the energy of the liver, lower blood pressure and promote restful sleep.

The next time you are visiting a park or out in nature, you can perform this simple tree meditation.

Breathe in deeply for a count of five. Exhale deeply for a count of five.

Stand in front of a tree (or imagine a tree in your mind). Stand with your back relaxed, knees slightly bent, and arms to your sides.

Imagine roots extending from your feet deep into the ground to connect with the roots of the tree.

Breathe in and feel the cool green energy of the tree permeate your lungs and fill your body.

Exhale and release any toxins or stress down through your roots into the ground.

Repeat several times.

Inhale as you reach arms above your head as if stretching branches to the skies.

Exhale as you lower the arms.

Place your hands, palm over palm, facing inward, on the lower stomach.

Imagine green tree energy flowing in from your hands into the lower abdomen and traveling up to the liver and gallbladder (under the right rib cage).

Breathe deeply and slowly. Feel relaxed, peaceful, and flexible like a powerful tree.

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Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT

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