Healthy Weight Challenge: Tip 1

October 1, 2014 6:00 am

meditateswirlFor the next 15 blog posts, I will post tips that will help you meet your weight and health goals. The idea is that each day you will change one thing about your diet, exercise and life routines. Visiting our blog after the guided weight loss challenge?  This page holds a summary of all the tips.

If you integrate these suggestions, you will see a difference in your weight, and an improvement in your fitness and overall health.

Tip 1: Intermittent Modified Fasting

Try intermittent fasting with a 12-14 hours window. So, if you finished dinner by 8:30 pm–you would start eating by 8:30 am or 10:30 am.

How to boost the energy in the morning before your first meal? Kombucha or juice with a small amount of grass-fed collagen or vegan protein can help. In one study of women doing a ketogenic diet with fasting, adding a small amount of protein to low carb beverages prevented brain fog and hormonal fluctuations.

If you’re a body type that needs to achieve a modified ketonic state, similar to Bulletproof eating style, then make that first “meal” in the morning a cup of bulletproof coffee with grassfed butter, and add a serving of collagen or protein powder.

Other types of first morning meals to break your fast can be any type of lean meat and abundant vegetables or vegetable juice (such as the Suja brand green drinks). Think protein source and vegetables. Can you have fruit? I would keep the fruit to the mid day meal and limit quantities as our bodies tend to take fructose and store that energy as fat.

The closer you are to menopause or if you have already gone through menopause, you need a little protein to get through the 12-14 hours of avoiding carbs to achieve that kick in the metabolism to burn fat. This is why we call it a modified ketosis–and this is less hard on the body for women, than pure Bulletproof ketogenic mornings with just the coffee.

Try to exercise before noon so that you burn calories better for the whole day.

Other energy boosting tips for the morning time:

Try a cup of Celestial Seasonings Bengal spice or other cinnamon or ginger based herbal teas –they give you instant energy without caffeine and also help to improve digestion.

Don’t forget to take a probiotic before that first mini meal or breakfast to prep the intestinal tract and improve digestion.

Take a good multivitamin such as Rainbow Light and also take a B12 capsule supplement with folate –good brands that I like are Moss–as their vitamin B is highly bio available in capsule format (whereas most capsule formats do ?not get properly absorbed).

As the Day Progresses

If you are following more of a Bulletproof style way of eating, increase your starchy veggies as the day goes on–and snacks such as Isagenix Energy bars or shakes can help give you highly absorbable forms of protein. If you have enough protein, it will help stave off carb cravings.

Bone broth soups with vegetables are also excellent snacks–and you can make these vegan style as well focusing on veggie broth as the base. Include nutrient dense veggies such as beets, turnips, cauliflower etc.

Keep caloric intake to 1000-1200 a day for optimal weight loss.

Next post: we will tackle solutions for effective exercise routines.

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