Refuel Your Energy Tanks to Build an Abundant Life Personally and Professionally

Qi gong mindfulness training.

Our Five Elements Healing system will help you recover your sense of “normal” and excel in the new world we are crafting together.

Aiki Healing uses the energy medicine system of the Five Elements Healing to help clients with their “e” factors–energy factors. We help clients learn how to keep their energy tanks full and regulated while healing grief, anxiety, anger and fears.

We offer several tiers of services to help our clients reclaim their essential powers and cultivate the internal fuel needed to take full advantage of the many opportunities to build abundance across a physical, emotional, spiritual and financial level DESPITE rapidly changing global and economic challenges.

8 Weeks Five Elements Healing: Revive Your Essential Energy with One-on-One Coaching

You need a holistic  practitioner who can help you  resolve deep rooted issues and energy blocks to heal chronic health issues, emotional challenges and spiritual imbalances.  Kay will custom design an energy healing curricula for you that includes:

  • Energy healing sessions that can be engaged in person or virtually with distance methods.
  • Energy nutritional healing customized to your elemental issues and unique body type.
  • 2 months supply of herbs and supplements
  • Analysis of any relevant blood work or other test results from a holistic energy perspective.
  • Self help energy tools such as customized video and audio experiences to work with in between weekly sessions.
  • Access to Kay in between sessions to provide deep guidance on implementing tools as you move through the day so that you have success.

Kay will stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help you liberate your potential energy with customized Five Elements Healing protocols that we have developed exclusively to empower you to build prosperity and abundance in your life–despite global chaos and  profound social and economic change.

You deserve to feel better. Let go of anxiety, grief, fears and anger, and recover your true self.

Visit this page to learn more then, schedule a free 15 minutes consult to explore how Aiki Healing can help you by texting 512-468-6588.

Five Elements Healing: Reclaim Your Essential Power & Unblock Business Barriers in Just 12 Weeks

This 12 weeks alchemy course is an online experiential, hands-on journey that teaches you how to unblock and revive your personal energy tanks and apply these strategies to unblocking five common areas of business barriers that may be holding you back from creating abundant streams of income.

What you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course and the video, audio and written tools for refueling your energy tanks.
  • Lifetime access to the five elements methods for unblocking business barriers and keeping revenue streams flowing.
  • Access to a membership support community where Kay will share live strategies once a week.

Get ready, set and almost go!

Join our email list to be among the first to receive the registration link as soon as it is goes live so you won’t miss out the opportunity to enroll for the fall course. Spaces will fill fast as never before has there been a workshop that helps you connect the dots between your personal five elements energy tanks and the unique energy tanks of your business to increase revenue and financial stability.

Yes, I Want More Energy and Joy in My Life! How Can I Get Started?

Get started with our powerful books to begin transforming your life right away.

Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide for Reclaiming Your Essential Power

Aiki Healing offers a personal healing course in book format in both Kindle and print formats, “Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide for Reclaiming Your Essential Power,”  to empower clients with a hands-on journey of self healing.

Order your copy now.

It is the perfect follow up and companion to our book on business called, “Redesign Your 9 to 5: Advice and Strategies from 50 of the World’s Most Ambitious Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.”

The Aiki Healing contribution shows you why you need to create not just an ordinary business plan but a soul-based business plan to build financial stability and success.

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